Views from the Nest – Pam Rice 8/22/16

The best thing about working at the Early Childhood Campus is that when your day is a bit rough or you are feeling slightly stressed you can walk down the hall and rock a precious, tiny baby for a while or visit a toddler room for some hugs and snuggles.  You can crawl into Mrs. Hellard’s PK3 classroom teepee with a group of kiddos and listen to knock-knock jokes. Your glum mood will be lifted instantly.

There is a purity and innocence with the age of the children that I am blessed to work with that serves as a constant reminder that Christ is ever present in each and every one of us. That is never more evident than when you look into the eyes of a baby that only God is capable of creating the miracle of a new life.

The importance of our work at the Early Childhood Campus is reinforced each time a young mother and father walk through our doors with their young child and place him or her in our arms; entrusting us with his or her care, to protect, to love, and to nurture this glorious little being. I love my work!

Pam Rice

Co-Director of the Early Childhood Campus



…And that is my View From the Nest.