Views from the Nest- Lesley Farmer 9/20/16

Yesterday I sent three separate emails to SPPS.  Each email had a different way in which I needed to get my children home because, in our family, getting our kids to and from school is a daily challenge due to ever changing schedules.  And instead of being frustrated with me for constantly changing what I needed to happen, I got reassuring replies (on each of them), “Don’t worry about it, we will make sure the kids are taken care of and are where you need them to be.”  It made me realize that I truly have a village helping me raise my children at SPPS and without them we would be lost.

Both of our kids started at SPPS in the Little Angels program; Jackson started when he was 2 and Maddie started when she was just 3 months old.  When we chose SPPS we knew the many great qualities we saw from our walk through and knew of their dedication to the arts which we valued so much.  But what we didn’t know is we were finding the village that we all seek to help us raise our children.  As two working parents, which I imagine most of us are, we had to entrust SPPS to help shape the little people we are trying to raise into amazing big people.  But what I did not know was the commitment and love the SPPS community had for my children would be beyond what you expect a non-relative to have.   SPPS was there when I was desperately trying to potty-train Jackson, they were there for Maddie’s first steps, they were there when our family had a tragedy, and they were there for every magical moment in my children’s early education.

When it came time for our kids to move onto Kindergarten, both Craig and I lost our breath at the thought of losing the relationships and love we created with the staff, families, and friends.  We knew we could never replace the warmth and affection that we felt, just from walking through the doors at SPPS.  We knew, from the bottom of our hearts, that the sacrifice of our family’s finances to continue to go on to K-8, would far outweigh any extra vacation, fancy car, or bigger house, because we had found our village.  The village that calls me when Jackson seems a little off that day.  The village that texts me when Maddie has an amazing moment that they knew I should not miss.  The village that I know I can always be open and honest with when I have a problem, and the village that hugs our family early in the morning until I pick them up late in the afternoon.  This is where we belonged and GOD made sure we knew it.

Choosing to go on to the K-8 program was the best decision we could have ever made for our family.  I am thankful for the support, commitment and even more so, the patience that everyone in the school has for all of us.  I am especially thankful on those days when my world has been flipped upside down, and I need extra help from our entire village to take care of my family.

...AND THAT’S MY VIEW FROM THE NEST                                                                                                                                            

Written by Lesley Farmer, SPPS Parent and Council Member