Views from the Nest – 2nd Grade

Views From the Nest

SaintsGiving Day is October 19, 2016

 “Sharing Our Gifts”

Why SPPS is a gift in my life…

By Second Grade Students

 Holland-My school is a gift to my life because my teachers and friends are nice to me and make me feel smart. My friends play with me and make me laugh. Mrs. Abrams teaches me about God and I like going to school where I can learn more about him every day.

Alex-SPPS teaches me more about Jesus and how to be good. SPPS teachers me a lot and makes sure I understand. We go to church and earn about God and SPPS makes learning fun and not boring. This is how SPPS is a gift in my life

Addison-My friends at SPPS are like family. They are nice to me and play with me every day are recess. We always learn something new in specials. Our teachers help me when I don’t understand things. SPPS is a gift to my life because not everyone gets to go to a school like SPPS.

Eli-Saints Peter & Paul is a gift in my life because all of the teachers are nice and helpful. We learn a lot about God. We have a lot of recess. I have so many good friends in school. The lunch ladies serve us good and healthy lunches. All the specials teachers are nice. Mrs. Majors is great.  Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Bowls, and Mrs. Abrams are fantastic.

Cooper-Saints Peter & Paul is a gift to my life because God is everywhere at school. The teachers are great and they help me learn about the life of Jesus and how God loves me. Some kids can’t go to a school like ours and I like being where my mom teaches. We also get to do fun things for other people all the time and be like Jesus was. SPPS is a perfect place.

Spencer-Saints Peter & Paul gives me a chance to learn more about God and get a good education and also the teachers are very nice and helpful.

Anna-I learn a lot from the teachers. The teachers are nice. I learn lots. They help me learn new things and that makes me feel good. They teach me about God in religion class. They teach me to be kind and to care for others. They teach me about God. It is fun! It is a nice community. It is a nice school. SPPS is special.

Evelyn-Saints Peter & Paul is a gift in my life because I hated homeschool with my mom, because I wanted to just have fun times with my mom.

I love Mrs. Coleman and all of the teachers are so helpful and nice, and I love that we have so much art and games to help you learn. All the teachers are so stern but also kind and nice.

When I got glasses I didn’t feel embarrassed because everybody was so nice, and I did get a few, “You have glasses now!” and a few people wanted to hear the story of how I got them.

Sadie-It is fun. It is fun because there’s friends, there’s fun ways to learn, the teachers are nice.

Kara-Saints Peter & Paul is a gift in my life because I learn to live a good life. I learn about God. I love field trips that help me learn about people and my community. I like to play with my friends. SPPS is fun!

Nathan-I have great friends. I really have nice teachers. We go on field trips, like the pumpkin patch. We learn about Jesus.

Carter-In church I get to learn about God and follow him. My friends care for me. We learn in fun ways Learning will help make me smart. I love SPPS!

…And that is our View From the Nest.