Views from the Nest – 3rd Grade

Views From the Nest

SaintsGiving Day is October 19, 2016

 “Sharing Our Gifts”

Why SPPS is a gift in my life…

By Third Grade Students

 I asked them to write down 5 ways that SPPS is a gift in their life for homework.  Then they had to narrow it down to one or two topics and expand upon it.   These were written in the classroom and not at home.  They warmed my heart!   Julie Kelley


SPPS is a gift in my life because of the friends.  The friends at SPPS are kind because they share their love when others are sad. They are helpful with helping others when they are stuck on their work.  They give respect and don’t cause harm to one another.  Friends at SPPS will never ignore you and will always put you first. – Bobby Smith


SPPS is a gift in my life because we have a really big school. We have three floors in our school.  Also we have a gym and a library. There is a lot of space in this school. –  Connor Langrel


SPPS is a gift in my life because we get to learn cursive. Some schools don’t get to learn cursive, so we are lucky to learn it in third grade.  We will need to know it for later in our life. And that is one reason that SPPS is a gift in my life.  – Ellie Majors

Friends/Our Catholic Faith

I think SPPS is special because they’re part of my family, as the Lord might say. They’re not friends or family, they’re both!  People that don’t believe in the Lord…well they don’t know what they are missing. I just hope everyone will love, care, give, help and heal one another.

I think SPPS teaches education the best and other private schools do too. I wish the poor could go to private school. It’s a good thing that we are lucky that we go to this school. God puts us in the place and time He wants and He knows that when we fall, he will catch us in his loving arms. – Madailein Cory


SPPS is a gift in my life because we have drama class. A lot of schools don’t have drama class.  I just can’t believe that I have drama. When I used to be in my public school, I never had drama. But now I’m like “Oh my gosh!”  I have drama! It’s really funny whenever we are watching Charlie Chaplin. That is why SPPS is a gift to me. -Lexie  Reyes-Baez


I love the food that we have. They serve lots of healthy stuff like fruit, bananas, and salad. The lunch lady is nice. Their burgers are the best. My most favorite lunch is walking taco and their rice. – Brady Wasik


The teachers at SPPS are really nice.  The teachers will help you when you need help.  When you get stuck on something, they walk you through it. They will do anything to help. SPPS has really good teachers. – Jimmy Fox


SPPS is a gift in my life because when I go to Ms. Cheryl, she is the best. She can get us medicine if we have a stomachache. That’s probably what I have but sometimes you might have a headache or a gum problem. – Justice Beall


SPPS is a gift in my life because they help people that are special people.

Others help them like speech class, English and Math. Helping them helps them be better at being nice and helping them be super – duper nice to each other. – Nakya Christopher


SPPS is a gift in my life because we go to church and pray before lunch. I am grateful for church because most schools don’t get to go to church. I want to go to church and pray and not stay in class all day and stare at that one rule: No Praying!!  I find it inappropriate to not pray at all. There are wonderful priests and singers.   – Lucias Ford


SPPS is a gift in my life because our school has a church so we can know more about Jesus. We can learn about the saints and others. We can read about Jesus Christ. I am glad to have a church so we can know Jesus. – Joaquin Bras

…And that is our View From the Nest.