Volunteering at SPPS and in the Diocese


This is just a reminder that anyone who wants to work with our students (reading in class, chaperone a field trip, Great Leaps, plays, etc) must be certified as volunteer.  This is a Diocesan requirement and there is a new online process to certify volunteers through CMG Connect. 
Once you submit your volunteer application to our office, you will go online to complete the training and apply for a background check.  It only takes a little more than an hour to complete the online training.  However, it does take a few business days to receive the results of the background check.  For this reason, we ask everyone to let the teacher know know at least 10 days in advance if you think there is any possibility you may want to participate in a field trip or other activity.  This will give you and us time to complete the certification process. Certification is good for five years. 
If you have any questions about whether you are a certified volunteer or about the process, please contact Connie Carr at ccarr@sppslex.org or 859-2549257.

Volunteer Application

CMG Connect Volunteer Training Module

Kroger Community Rewards

The Kroger Community Rewards program is a great way to support SPPS while you grocery shop.  Every time you scan your Plus card or enter your alternate ID, the school will receive a percentage of your purchase.  Last year we received $5,000 from this program. 

If you have not already registered your Kroger Plus Card, please take a few minutes to do so by going to www.Kroger.com/communityrewards.  Our group number is 11646.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact the office at (859) 254-9257 or info@sppslex.org.




Dear Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and you are ready for a great new year! At SPPS, we take bullying very seriously and I am happy to say that our students are very good about reporting problems they see. However, to be sure we encourage reporting ongoing bullying issues, we will be using a new online reporting system called Sprigeo. Students will be able to report incidents online from their phone, computer, tablet, etc. This system includes a parent education module that I think would be very helpful in determining the difference between bad behavior and bullying behavior. Please take some time to review the module and talk with your children about the system and how it should be used appropriately. A link to the reporting side of the system will be posted on the SPPS website and the parent information can be viewed here: http://parents.sprigeo.com/  

 We are so lucky to have your children at SPPS and appreciate the support from the families to keep everyone safe and sound while on campus. Thanks for being our partners.

Jamie Burch – principal

Report an incident