School Supply Lists

We are excited to announce that our school has partnered with ClassBundl Supplies to offer 2017-2018 school supplies online! You can simply search our school (Sts. Peter & Paul), select your student’s classroom, and have their supplies bundled and shipped to your door for free. Each purchase earns 5% cash back to our school to fund projects. You can order convenient supplies online at starting June 1.

This service is offered as a courtesy to parents – you do not have to purchase supplies through ClassBundl.  Supply lists can be found in the link below if you wish to purchase the items on your own.

Please note if ordering through ClassBundl, some of the requested supplies are not available.  Be sure to check “Teacher Instructions” at the top.  If you already have some of supplies such as scissors, ruler, or calculator simply remove those items from your cart.  Middle School students, please make sure you include the general supplies and supplies for the different classroom subjects.  All orders will ship directly to your home. 

2017-2018 School Supply Lists