And the winner is…

Congratulations to Melanie Sears  for being the winner of this year’s UK Season Basketball Ticket Raffle!

This years raffle has raised $81,230 for our school with 87% of our families participating!

The winning ticket was sold by S Frank in 6th grade!

Many thanks to all of the parents, children, staff and faculty who sold all of the raffle chances.  Without your efforts, this could never have been accomplished!

Last, but not least, thanks to the Mintu family for making the season tickets available for our school to purchase and use. 

The following students were the highest sellers in their age divisions.  To thank them for all their handwork they will be Principal of the Day.

Early Childhood Campus – C Johnson
Elementary School – D Johnson
Middle School – D Montgomery

The highest overall selling classrooms, separated by age division.  These classrooms will receive an ice cream/Popsicle party on November 21.

ECC Little Angels – Crawler Room (These parents will receive a night of babysitting on a night to be announced)
ECC Preschool – Mrs. Erpenbeck’s PK 4 classroom
Elementary School – Ms. Walton’s 5th grade  homeroom
Middle School – Mr. Rathbun’s 6th grade homeroom

For the Middle School House competition:
House of St. Peter Claver
House of St. Luke
House of St. Peter

The following homerooms achieved 100% participation of selling all of their tickets.  They will receive a movie day and the teachers will receive a substitute for the day.

  • Mrs. Coleman’s 2nd grade class
  • Mrs. Nunley’s 5th grade class

A special thank you to D Johnson in 4th grade!  She sold a record 423 tickets!