Mardi Gras 2016 is on Saturday, January 30th.  Each year we ask each family to contribute an item for the Homeroom Classroom Basket. These items are to be turned in to the homeroom teacher Wednesday, January 20.

Mardi Gras 2016 Classroom Basket List

Infant/Crawler                      Stationary


Toddler 1, 2, & 3                   Ice Cream


Two-Year-Olds and PK2                 UK


PK3 – King                            Art Supplies


PK3 – Jacob                          Movie Night


PK4 – Erpenbeck                   Books


PK4 – Langdorf                     Grilling


Kindergarten – Parker          Camping


Kindergarten – Clark             Beach/Vacation


1st – Hancock                        Kitchen


1st – Putnam                         Puzzles


2nd – Kovacic                         Games


2nd – Abrams                         Italian Dinner Night


3rd – Kelley                            Dog Supplies


3rd – Cybriwsky                     Cat Supplies


4th – Steffen                          Wine


4th – Harrod                          Spa Products


5th – Kuyper                          Dining Gift Cards


5th – Nunley                          Dining Gift Cards


6th – Balcirak                         Coffee


6th – Cottam                          Garden


7th – Minton                           Tools


7th – Cambron                       Beer


8th – McCollum                       Lexington Catholic High School


8th – Morris                            Religious Items