The diverse population at Sts. Peter & Paul School allows for many different views on the curriculum, community, and daily life at our school.  We hope you enjoy the Views from the Nest written by the teachers, staff, parents, and students at Sts. Peter & Paul School.  United together, we inspire our students to know, love and serve God.

Views From the Nest – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Old Bard, William Shakespeare, would have been proud to see the Saints Peter and Paul fourth and fifth grade students perform Midsummer Night’s Dream on November 10 and 11, 2016, in the Little Theatre at the Short Street Campus.

Views from the Nest – 2nd Grade

Views From the Nest SaintsGiving Day is October 19, 2016  “Sharing Our Gifts” Why SPPS is a gift in my life… By Second Grade Students  Holland-My school is a gift to my life because my teachers and friends are nice to me and make me feel smart. My friends play with me and make me … read on

Views from the Nest – 3rd Grade

Views From the Nest SaintsGiving Day is October 19, 2016  “Sharing Our Gifts” Why SPPS is a gift in my life… By Third Grade Students  I asked them to write down 5 ways that SPPS is a gift in their life for homework.  Then they had to narrow it down to one or two topics … read on

Views from the Nest- Lesley Farmer 9/20/16

Yesterday I sent three separate emails to SPPS.  Each email had a different way in which I needed to get my children home because, in our family, getting our kids to and from school is a daily challenge due to ever changing schedules.  And instead of being frustrated with me for constantly changing what I … read on

Views from the Nest – Middle School 9/6/16

Sts. Peter & Paul Middle School is truly a unique and special place. It is about preparing your “tween” for high school and supporting their growth spiritually, academically, and socially.

Views from the Nest – Kelley Wiley 8/29/16

Recently someone asked me, “Why do you volunteer?” Without hesitation the answer was simple: “To make a difference.”

Views from the Nest – Pam Rice 8/22/16

The best thing about working at the Early Childhood Campus is that when your day is a bit rough or you are feeling slightly stressed you can walk down the hall and rock a precious, tiny baby for a while or visit a toddler room for some hugs and snuggles.

Views from the Nest – Jamie Burch 8/17/16

Our 2016-17 journey may have started with dark clouds in the sky, but the smiling faces of your children coming to our first school day were bright lights. Your children are so polite and well mannered, reflecting the values you have instilled. I am so blessed to work with your children and already appreciate your support.