2019 UK Raffle Results

Thank you for supporting the UK Raffle!

Final Totals

$ 66,640

77% Family Participation

This year’s winner:

Gary Hamilton of Louisville, KY
The winning ticket was sold by M Sisk  in 5th grade

Mrs. Nunley’s 6th grade homeroom reached 100% participation by the September 28th deadline and will receive a movie day:


Highest Selling Little Angels  Homeroom

2nd place= Toddler 1 Room

1st place= Infant Room (Treat for the parents)


Highest Selling Preschool Homeroom

2nd place= Mrs. Creech PK 3 classroom

1st place=  Mrs. Langdorf’s PK 4 classroom (Steel City Pops Party)


Highest Selling Elementary Homeroom

3rd place= Mrs. Bieber’s 2nd grade class

2nd place= Mrs. Coleman’s 1st grade class

1st place= Ms. Steffen’s 1st grade class (Steel City Pops Party)


High Selling Middle School Homeroom

3rd place= Mrs. Cambron’s 7th grade homeroom 

2nd place= Mrs. Holme’s 8th grade homeroom

1st place= Mrs.  Nunley’s 6th grade homeroom (Steel City Pops Party)


House Competition- Highest Average of Ticket Sales

6th place (10 points)= House of Peter

5th place (20 points)= House of Paul

4th place (30 points)= House of Luke

3rd place (40 points)= House of Holy Spirit

2nd place (50 points)= House of Pax Christi

1st place (60 points)= House of Peter Claver (100% Participation)


Highest Seller at ECC = Tayleigh Ethington (PK 4- Langdorf) – 134 tickets sold


Highest Seller for Elementary = John Roger Meadows (Ms. Cybriwsky’s 4th grade class) – 80 tickets sold


Highest Seller for Middle School = Elena Boyle (Mrs. Nunley’s 6th grade homeroom) – 61 tickets sold

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