Families at Sts. Peter & Paul School and Lexington Catholic have access to a bus service provided by SPPS  The school employs the bus driver.

  • Bus #1 Morning Route:
    The bus will depart from St. John’s in Georgetown promptly at 6:30 AM. The bus will depart Perico’s in Paris at promptly 7:00 AM. The bus will then go to the Hamburg Lowe’s.  The bus will depart Lowe’s promptly at 7:25 AM. The bus will then proceed to SPPS then LCHS.
  • Afternoon Route for all bus riders:
    The bus will depart SPPS at 3:00 PM; arriving at LCHS by 3:15 PM; Lowe’s at 3:40 PM; Perico’s in Paris at 4:05 PM; St. John’s in Georgetown at 4:30 PM.

*These schedules were determined based on driving the route during the summer. Once school starts and the normal traffic patterns emerge the times may be adjusted.

All families must complete a registration form and sign the document outlining rules and regulations.  For everyone’s safety, all rules will be strictly enforced by the Bus Monitor.

Masks are required on the bus.


  • Option #1: Afternoon transportation to Lexington Catholic High School from SPPS – $30/month/child
  • Option #2: Transportation to/from Paris/SPPS/LCHS – $80/month/child
  • Option #3: Transportation to/from Georgetown/SPPS/LCHS – $80/month/child
  • Option #4: Transportation to/from Hamburg Lowes/SPPS/LCHS – $65/month
  • Option #5: Drop-in Rate – $12/day/child


2021-2022 Bus Registration

COVID 19 Information

Students will wear a mask as they wait in line to have their temperature taken prior to boarding the school bus each morning and each afternoon.

The bus driver will record who was on the bus each day. If a student has a temperature of 100.4 or above, they will not board the bus. If this occurs during afternoon dismissal, a parent will be called to pick them up. If a student does not have a temperature, they will sanitize their hands, board the bus and sit in their assigned seat.

Students will sit in a seat alone unless they have siblings and they will sit together. Students will be required to wear their masks while on the school bus.