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Admissions Karen Abrams (2nd Grade)
Dr. Keen Babbage (Middle School Dean) Candy Beauman (Art)
Kathryn Bedingfield (3rd Grade) Lauren Bland (Data Base/Office)
Jamie Burch (Principal) Misty Carlisle (Cafeteria Manager)
Connie Carr (Office/Communications/Admission Coordinator) Robin Clark (Kindergarten)
Lauren Coleman (2nd Grade) Colette Curtis (Resource)
Cathy Cybriwsky (3rd Grade) Beth Eddy (Junior Kindergarten)
Kevin Ellery (Athletic Director) Bryden Endorf (Middle School Science)
Tina Erpenbeck (Preschool Director/Four-Year-Old Preschool) Julia Harrod (4th Grade)
Heather Hellard (Three-Year-Old Preschool) Kristin Hughes (Spanish)
Julie Kelley (Religious Education/Catholic Identity/Liturgy Coordinator) Paul Kennedy (Facilities Director)
Katie Kerns (Admissions/Marketing Director) Peggy King (Three-Year-Old Preschool)
Brenda Kovacic (1st Grade) Alexandra Kuyper (Technology/Media Specialist)
Erica Langdorf (Four-Year-Old Preschool) Karen Lozano (Guidance Specialist)
Kristin Majors (Reading Specialist) Billy Martin (Facilities)
Alicia McCollum (Middle School Language Arts) Orlene McEachern (Business Manager)
Megan Naylor (Drama/Public Speaking)
Peyton Nunley (5th Grade) Christie Pabin (Music/Guitar)
Jenny Parker (Kindergarten) Leslie Parrott (Middle School Language Arts)
Carmen Rader-Bowles (Math Specialist) Shane Rathbun (Middle School Math)
Pam Rice (Early Childhood Campus Director) Amy Schenck (P.E. Teacher)
Rod Stearn (Middle School Religion) Donna Steffen (4th Grade)
Trent Stephen (Director of Musical Theatre) Elizabeth Walton (5th Grade)
Kendra Weisenfeld (1st Grade) Allison Weitkamp (Band Director)
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