Our Little Angels Program provides year-round childcare for children six weeks of age until entering preschool.

We meet and exceed all childcare license requirements and strive to provide high-quality, professional child care, and education.

The goals of Sts. Peter and Paul Early Childcare Campus are:

  1. To develop in all children a love of God, themselves and those around them.
  2. To develop in all children positive self-concept, so that they see themselves as worthy individuals.
  3. To provide high quality care and education to meet the individual needs of each child by treating each child as an individual.
  4. To provide all children with opportunities for creative expression through music, language, large and small muscle activities, art and dramatic play.
  5. To provide all children with opportunities for the development of basic learning skills.
  6. To develop in all children a curiosity for the world around them and an enthusiasm for learning.
  7. To provide opportunities for all children to develop and grow physically through rest, proper nutrition, and a safe learning and play environment.
  8. To help all children develop satisfying social relationships with both children and adults.
  9. To encourage parents to be aware of the behavior expectations for their child’s age group.
  10. To encourage parent participation in all aspects of Sts. Peter and Paul School.

Kentucky All-Stars is Kentucky’s quality rating system for licensed child care centers. This means our program’s quality is above and beyond those standards required by licensing regulations. We are ranked as a Four Star Facility.