In the middle school at Sts. Peter & Paul, students are exposed to a rigorous and well rounded curriculum.  All students participate in religion classes daily in order to expand their knowledge of the Catholic faith, biblical history, and theology of the body.  We strive to develop students who are strong in faith, strong in academics, and strong in character.  Through the House system, students work together to perform service and compete in a wide range of competitions to earn points and grow in community with one another.

Math classes range from Introduction to Pre Algebra in sixth grade to Algebra/Geometry in eighth grade, and all math students also participate in the Simple Solutions program, which is a daily review of previously taught skills.  Science is taught primarily through hands-on activities and experiments.  This inquiry based environment allows students to develop their curiosity and hone their understanding of the scientific process.  In social studies, sixth graders focus on World Geography, seventh graders on Ancient History, and eighth graders on U.S History.  Language arts classes include grammar and diagramming sentences, vocabulary, and literature ranging from the works of Poe to Shakespeare’s comedies.

All middle school students attend daily enrichment classes that include unique options such as gymnastics, STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program), bucket drumming, and guitar.  These enrichment classes rotate with each trimester so that students can experience a wide range of opportunities that push them past the typical core subject learning.  Pushing our learning even further past the typical classroom, sixth graders visit Carter Caves to immerse themselves in nature, seventh graders go to Space Camp, and the eighth graders finish their time at SPPS with a trip to Washington D.C.

When the bell rings at the end of the day, most students continue right on with their school involvement through rehearsals, practices, tutoring sessions, and clubs.  The High Marks program is offered three days a week after school for students who would like extra assistance with homework, and teachers are always available for extra help when needed.

Middle School Overview

SPPS has six “Houses”, named after our Partner Parishes. They are House of Paul, House of Peter, House of Peter Claver, House of Luke, House of Holy Spirit, and House of Pax Christi. Each House has a faculty sponsor and student leaders.  Students are randomly placed in Houses their first year of Middle School at SPPS.  They will remain in the same house for their full middle school career. Houses have no sibling or parish affiliation.

Sts. Peter & Paul School is a community of learners and the House system aims to reflect these core values. The House system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The Houses provide for positive competition and a closer rapport between students and teachers. They also aim to help new staff and students adapt to the culture of SPPS.  Besides the natural fun that comes along with such a system, the house system affords additional opportunities for:

  • Nurturing relationships across grade levels
  • Leadership, friendly competition, and service
  • Faculty involvement with students on a different relational level
  • Positive peer pressure and mentorship

The Houses compete in a number of sporting, academic and cultural activities for points. Each year the winning House receives the House Cup.

The House system is an integral and vibrant part of the school’s culture. The core values are explained as self-development, intellectual empowerment and lifelong learning within the diversity and strength of our one community.

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