Our Preschool offers a variety of experiences to promote the development of the whole child.  The curriculum provides hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities to enhance the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical well-being of each child.  Themes are utilized throughout the year and learning games are implemented to introduce and reinforce pre-literacy and pre-mathematical skills.  The child is free to explore and experiment at his/her own pace.  This stimulating free-choice environment encourages positive interactions and fosters the love of learning.

The classroom curriculum is a product of many factors.  Our top priority is for our activities to be developmentally appropriate.  We encourage “hands on” learning and experimentation with real materials.  We have a child-friendly environment that encourages exploration, thinking, dramatic play, and sensory awareness.

The preschool classrooms are set up in “centers” for the children to explore daily during free choice time.  These learning centers play a major role in the child’s education.  They may choose to explore a few centers or all of them in one day.  Our learning centers include: Table activities (writing/art, math, and tactile), Dramatic Play, Block, Science, and Book/Reading.